China Brief | Edition 014

In this edition: it’s all Huawei all the time. Huawei’s CFO is arrested in Vancouver, and the debate over banning Huawei’s 5G tech in Canada rages on. Check out this, and more, in this latest edition. “But Sino-American relations are at a low ebb, which is bad for Canada and bad for the world. And

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China Brief | Edition 013

IN THIS EDITION: Trudeau returns from the China-Canada Leaders’ Dialogue; speculation continues to swirl about the impact of that USMCA clause on the Canada-China economic relationship; and mini terracotta warriors (!). Read more… Quote “We have to be quiet and not grandstand. But we’re about the only country in the world that both [China and

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China Brief | Six Month Special Edition

In this six month special edition: We’ve spent the last several months following China in Western Canadian media. Here’s what we’ve learned – and a look forward to what’s next. See a pdf of the six month special edition China Brief here Canada’s relationship with China is increasingly important, and the Western provinces are paying

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BLOG | Olympic cost overruns – and how Calgary can keep them in check

In the lead up to the November 13 Olympic Games plebiscite in Calgary, debate over potential cost overruns has been fierce. And for good reason: Olympic/Paralympic Games are notorious for going over budget. But to understand the probability of a Calgary 2026 Games going over budget, it is necessary to understand why Games often go

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ABOUT: SUCCESS IN THE MAKING | Stories of partnerships between Indigenous communities and natural resource firms

About this project: Stories of success Indigenous communities are increasingly forming alliances with natural resources firms to create economic opportunity and enhance self-sufficiency now and into the future. They are relationships that continue to evolve. Early industry and Indigenous partnerships often provided limited economic benefits, the approach did not represent true collaboration nor provide opportunities

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China Brief | Edition 012

IN THIS EDITION: Canada’s top cybersecurity official argues Canada can “handle” Huawei, new North American trade deal could have implications for a trade agreement with China, and a look at Canadian energy exports to China. Read more…?? Quote: “[Beijing’s] approach is similar to their approach on general China-Canada relations. On one hand, China wants to

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